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  Pianos Tailor Made Heirloom Quality    

Breitenbach Vertical Pianos

Breitenbach Vertical Pianos are built to last and give a home a beautiful piece of furniture as well as a quality performance instrument. Choose from many styles and finishes.

  Breitenbach Grand Pianos  

Breitenbach Grand PIanos are built to give performance level playing with a sound deep and rich to please any ear. From the Baby Breitenbach at 5' to the 6'1" Full Grand, quality and value exceed expectations

  Breitenbach Digital Pianos  

Breitenbach Digital Pianos are at cutting edge technology when it comes to sound and touch with all Breitenbach Digitals equiped with hammer action weighted keys and the top end Model 600 with full resonating soundboard. Beautifully placed in high polished ebony cabinets. 

Breitenbach 4'10"

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